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Middle Gobi Off Road Motorcycle Trail

3 - 9 June and 30 July - 4 August 2019 only USD $1895

On this circular route of 4 days riding we travel more than 1000 km and will visit the unusual granite mountain at Baga Gazriin Chuluu, temple remains at Ongi Khid and another beautiful mountain, Zorgol Khairkhan nearby the sand dunes at Ovurburd Els. Most of the population in the countryside still live a nomadic or semi-nomadic existence, moving frequently with their herds of animals. Nevertheless, in recent years many families have moved to the city, so we may ride for a considerable distance across the wild and beautiful land without encountering people or vehicles.

Middle Gobi Province

Middle Gobi, "Dundgov" is one of the 21 provinces of Mongolia. It has a population density of 0.5 per square kilometer and is located north of the Gobi Desert. The landscape is of semi-arid steppe and low hills. The main industries are animal husbandry and livestock products such as wool and cashmere.

Baga Gazriin Chuluu

On the second day we ride through this area of dramatic and unusual granite rock formations in Middle Gobi province. The highest mountain in the group is 1751 meters and there are several rocky passes which require some technical skill by the motorcycle riders and vehicle drivers alike.

Ongii Ruins

Ongii Hiid, a once large Buddhist Monastery destroyed in the 1930s lies in the hills on the edge of a bend in the Ongi river. It is a quiet and spiritual place; one can imagine the original busy monastery on one side of the river and the non-religious community on the other side.

Ovurburd Els

Mongolia is unusual in that the zones of steppe are interspersed with belts of sand dunes and desert vegetation. Ovorburd Els is such a place and nomadic families here often have camels as well as horses, sheep, goats and cows.

Accommodation will be at traditional ger camps. Mostly the trail follows rough jeep tracks, but we do ride a little distance on tarmac at the beginning and a new road linking Ulaanbaatar to the Gobi Desert has recently been completed which ride on part of the way back on the final day.

Middle Gobi Motorcycle Tour Map

Circular route is south through Tuv "Central" province then around Middle Gobi Province and return to Ulaanbaatar.

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KTM 450 Motorbike in Mongolia

Real dirt bike riders will already know that such a bike can readily meet the challenge. Its light weight, electronic and kick start capability, height and reliability, make it ideally suited to Mongolia's rough and remote location.

We have been running motorbike tours since 2005 and have a fleet of motorcycles including 2019 KTM 450 EXC "SIX DAYS" models.We gradually replace older bikes with newer models. For the first few years we were using Yamaha WR250 motorbikes. They were great - but now we've gone one better. We use KTM 450 EXC off-road enduro bikes for our scheduled motorbike trips in Mongolia.

Day By Day Itinerary



Motorbike Tour Information:

Middle Gobi motorbike trail description and details

This tour is suitable for experienced riders.

  •    This tour is classed as 80% off-road and is fully supported tour
  •    Accommodation on tour is always in ger camps
  •    Available to hire: KTM 450EXC
  •    100% fully guided motorcycle tour
  •    Non riders are welcome to join any of our motorbike tours. Price is available on request
  •    This tour will run with a minimum of 4 people
  •    We accept other major currencies

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Middle Gobi motorbike tour price includes:

The following items are included in the tour price.

  •    All Meals (except UB) & Bottled Mineral Water
  •    2 Nights Hotel (shared Twin Room)
  •    Traditional Ger Camps (shared Ger)
  •    Entrance Fees
  •    Support Vehicle
  •    All Transportation (except Airport Transfer)
  •    Motorbike Insurance (3rd Party)

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Middle Gobi motorbike tour price does not include:

The following items are not included in the price of the trip so you have to budget for these.

  •    International Flight
  •    Visa Cost
  •    Airport Transfers
  •    Protective Clothing
  •    Motorbike Damage Security Deposit (fully refundable)
  •    Motorbike Hire (motorbike hire USD $130 per day including fuel)
  •    Travel Insurance

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Middle Gobi motorbike tour highlights:

You will see the following along the way.

  •    Baga Gazriin Chuluu
  •    Mandal Gobi Town
  •    Delgerkhangai Village
  •    Ongii Ruins
  •    Zorgol Khairkhan
  •    Nalaikh Mining Town

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Middle Gobi motorcycle tour notice:

Tours are designed for motorcycle enthusiasts who wish to experience and explore Mongolia with KTM motorbikes. Please read and understand the following:

  •    Read itinerary carefully & understand daily routine.
  •    This tour is total 6-days with 4-days riding.
  •    This is basically a motorcycle trip, NOT a sightseeing "CULTURAL TOUR".
  •    We'll pick you up & drop you off at 'CONTINENTAL' Hotel unless other services agreed.
  •    The motorbikes or vehicles may break down. Do not complain ! We will do our "BEST".
  •    Arrival time at GER camp depends on DISTANCE, SPEED & what happens during the day.
  •    After we have arrived at GER camp, we cannot entertain individual participants.

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Motorcycle Tour Riding Safety

Above all else, safety is our most important concern and motorcycling is a dangerous activity.

We will be riding in remote areas far from good medical facilities. Therefore you must follow all our instructions with regard to protective clothing and safe riding. Our motorcycle tours in Mongolia are not suitable for beginners and the more experienced you are at off-road riding, the better you will enjoy the trip. Get in as much practice as you can before the tour and if necessary take some lessons. Understand that this is not a RACE or COMPETITION. See more information about safety issue click here: SECTION 13. Mongolia is a great country for off-road riding and our tours offer a wonderful opportunity to see the way of life of the nomadic people of Central Asia. To ensure the smooth running of our motorcycle tours everyone is obliged to follow these instructions and to abide by our tour leader.

Compare All Motorbike Tours

When choosing which trip you want to do you will need to consider the tour dates, the cost the length of the tour and type of accommodation. See the chart below for easy comparison:

Eastern Tour1395/pp

Mountain, Forest, Steppe

  •   Total Days: 5 days
  •   Riding Days: 3 days
  •   Accommodation: Camping
  •   Support Vehicle: YES
  •   Total Distance: 600 km

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Middle Gobi1895/pp

Desert & Steppe

  •   Total Days: 6 days
  •   Riding Days: 4 days
  •   Accommodation: Ger Camp
  •   Support Vehicle: YES
  •   Total Distance: 1000 km

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Genghis Khan2395/pp

Mountain, Forest, Steppe

  •   Total Days: 8 days
  •   Riding Days: 6 days
  •   Accommodation: Camping
  •   Support Vehicle: YES
  •   Total Distance: 1400 km

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Master Rally Trail2995/pp

Mountain, Desert, Steppe

  •   Total Days: 9 days
  •   Riding Days: 7 days
  •   Accommodation: Camping
  •   Support Vehicle: YES
  •   Total Distance: 1600 km

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Gobi Desert3295/pp

Desert & Steppe

  •   Total Days: 10 days
  •   Riding Days: 8 days
  •   Accommodation: Ger Camp
  •   Support Vehicle: YES
  •   Total Distance: 1750 km

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Middle Gobi Motorcycle Tour Video

Watch this video of the Middle Gobi motorbike tour to get an idea of the terrain and scenery.

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