An Inspiring Destination for Everyone

his is your chance to see a different world, to experience Mongolia by your own effort, on tough terrain in the wilds of Mongolia.

Born to Explore

An off-road motorcycle trip in Mongolia is always an adventure. Accept the challenge and experience something amazing.

Discover a Land of Natural Beauty

Explore the mountains and valleys of Central Mongolia; this land was once the centre of the Mongol Empire.

Unrivalled Scenery, Outstanding Trails

Mongolia is an ideal choice for a most amazing, challenging and exciting mountain bike tour in Central Asia.

Welcome to Mongolia

A thrilling experience and opportunity to enjoy the ancient culture, magnificent scenery and through out Mongolia.

General Questions

Are Bike Mongolia an agent for anyone else ?
No. We operate all the tours ourselves independently. We do not sell other company's tours, but we do the ground operations in Mongolia for several travel companies in the UK, US, Chile, Germany and Italy.
Why are some companies cheaper ?
Some travel companies copy each other's itineraries and offer them at a cheaper price without having researched or traveled themselves. All our tours have been genuinely well researched by us. All our vehicles, bikes and equipment belong to us, are maintained by us, and are of a good enough standard to withstand Mongolian conditions. We do not hire occasional staff or use hired vehicles. Some cheap companies rent their vehicles with drivers and take students as guides. We do not hand over our clients to other people and we run all trips ourselves with our own staff. Only in China and Russia we use reputable agents to organise extension tours.
Why are some companies doing the same tours as you ?
The first reason is because in some cases we are working as the Mongolia ground operator for travel companies in other countries, but it is actually us, Bike Mongolia, running the trip in Mongolia. The second reason is because sometimes our routes, text and photographs have been copied and used by other local companies without our permission. Therefore you have to research well and check the company carefully before booking a tour.
What else do I need to take with me ?
At the time of booking your trip we will send you a Tour Dossier which lists everything you need to bring with you. If the accommodation on your trip is wild camping we provide the tents, but you will need to bring a sleeping bag and sleeping mat (or rent one from us).
Is there an age limit for any of your tours ?
Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult. There isn't an upper age limit, but participants must be in good health and able to complete the trip because all our tours are in remote places far from good medical facilities. On motorcycle tours, riders must be at least 18 years old.

FAQ About Our Services

What camping equipment is provided ?
We have high performance tents Vango "Storm 300" and Force 10 "Baltoro" which we have chosen because their design is good and suitable for any kind of Mongolian weather conditions. The toilet will just be an environmentally friendly pit latrine and there are no washing facilities.
Can you cater for vegetarians or provide a special diet ?
On tours where accommodation is at ger camps, we can ask the kitchen staff to prepare special meals for you. If the accommodation is wild camping the menu is fixed and the cook does not have time to prepare different meals for people with special dietary requirements.
What kind of support vehicles do you have ?
We have several vehicles including Land Rover "Defender", Russian UAZ Forgon, Kamaz, Iveco and Reynolds Boughton RB44. It depends on the size of your group as to which vehicles we choose to use.
What kind of drinking water is supplied ?
We provide bottled mineral water for everyone every day.
Who is responsible for organising everything during the trip ?
The Tour Leader will be a member of the Bike Mongolia team and will be responsible for making decisions, payments and your general well being.

FAQ About The Trips

How difficult are the trips ?
Read the day by day itinerary and tour description and look at the video of the trip you are interested in. If you want more information about daily riding distance, technical difficulty, terrain and so on, contact us. We know all the routes well so will be able to answer more specific questions. All riders must be fit, in good health and have the stamina and technical skill to manage the tour.
How far are the daily riding distances ?
For MTB tours the distance depends on the terrain and altitude; varying between 45 - 100km per day. On motorbike tours it depends on the distance between ger camps or great overnight camping spots, as well as the type of terrain. It varies between 100km and 400km per day.
What if I get ill on the way ?
We do carry a comprehensive medical kit, and motorcycle tours are accompanied by a qualified medical doctor. In case of a real emergency we have a contract with a helicopter rescue company, but must have approval from your travel insurance company first.
Will I have to carry my own luggage ?
You can carry a day pack containing camera, raincoat, drinking water, etc. Your main luggage will be carried for you by the suuport vehicle.
Is there anything to buy along the way ?
Basically no, not much. If passing through a village there might be shops selling vodka, sweets and bisuits. Occasionally along the way you might meet local people who have made handicrafts which they would like to sell to tourists - for example at "Vulchur's Mouth" canyon in the Gobi. The larger monasteries sell religious artefacts.

FAQ Travel Arrangements

Do you sell air tickets ?
We do not sell international air tickets to Mongolia but can suggest the cheapest and most convenient routes to Ulaanbaatar. Most people coming from Europe use Aeroflot, Miat Mongolian Airlines or Korean Air. The alternative is to fly via Beijing in China and on to Ulaanbaatar using Air China or MIAT.
Can I extend my trip ?
If you want to arrive in Mongolia early, or stay longer after your tour has finished, we can make the extra hotel reservations for you at the Continental Hotel. If you want to travel in China or Russia, we can also help with arrangements using our experienced agents based in Beijing and Moscow.
Can I stay in a different hotel ?
Our clients have used the Continental Hotel for several years and most are happy with the service, rooms, restaurant and other facilities. It is located near to the city center, on the airport side of town, a few minutes walk from shops, bars and restaurants. If you prefer to arrange your own accommodation at a different hotel, you are welcome to do so, but the pick-up / drop-off point will be the Continental.
Do I need a visa to enter Mongolia ?
Several nationalities do not need a Mongolian visa; check on the Embassy of Mongolia website in your country. If you do need a visa, you must get it before traveling. We do not take responsibility for people traveling without a visa and expecting to obtain one on arrival in Ulaanbaatar.
Are airport transfers included ?
We do not do airport transfers except if you are arriving as a group. It is easy, inexpensive and safe to get an official taxi from the airport or railway station to the city centre.


If there's anything else you want to know and you can't find the answer listed here, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will do our best to help.

FAQ Motorcycle Tours (1)

How difficult are the motorbike tours?
None of the tours are suitable for beginners. Participants must be good confident riders, able to ride our tall enduro-style motorbikes and should preferably have some off-road experience. You will be riding on loose stones, rock, mud, hard pack and sand, and occasionally on tarmac. Some routes are more technical than others, so check before choosing a trip to make sure the trail matches your ability. The tours are mostly not technically very difficult but the daily riding distances are long so you need to be fit and have stamina.
How far are the daily riding distances ?
On motorbike tours the distance may be only 100 km or as far as 400km per day; it depends on how many interesting things there are to do along the way and the distance between ger camps. If riding on a good asphalt road surface then we can of course ride much further.
Are there any special insurance requirements ?
Yes. Your travel insurance must cover you for riding a motorcycle of 450cc in Mongolia. Some insurance companies class this as a dangerous activity and charge an extra premium. Your driving licence must be endorsed for motorcycles, otherwise if you have an accident and need to make a claim, the insurance will not pay out.
Do I need a licence to ride a motorbike in Mongolia ?
Yes, you must have a valid driving licence from your own country. If your driving licence is not endorsed for motorcycles, you must check with the insurance company if they will cover you.
Can my partner join as a non-rider ?
Yes, non-riders are welcome and can travel in the support vehicles.

FAQ Motorcycle Tours (2)

Can my partner ride with me on my bike ?
Unfortunately our motorcycles are not intended for 2 people and they have no rear footrests, so people cannot ride pillion.
What kind of protective gear do I need ?
Full face helmet, proper motocross rigid boots, knee pads, elbow pads, body armour (chest and spine protector), gloves. You also need riding trousers and a jacket. There is a huge variety of kit available on the internet or at motorbike shops, at a range of prices. If you protect yourself well that will be better. You can see here   'Off-Road Protective Clothing Kits'
Do I need to bring tools and some parts ?
We have the tools that we are likely to need for maintenance and repair of our own motorbikes. We also take some spare parts. If you bring your own bike, it is up to you to decide what tools and parts you might need. You must remember that there are no bike shops in the remote places in which we travel, and even in Ulaanbaatar parts are unavailable.
How do you classify "Normal Wear and Tear" for a motorcycle?
We do not normally charge for normal wear and tear or replacement parts resulting from mechanical failures, nor for minor scratches to bodywork. A charge would be made as a result of crash damage and generally includes such things as bent handlebars, dented exhaust, foot pegs or wheel rims.
Are the motorbikes insured ?
Yes, All our motorbikes are insured "Third Party" but not for damage.

FAQ Motorcycle Tours (3)

Do I need to train beforehand ?
If you are not experienced at off-road riding, you should get in some practice before the trip and take some lessons if possible. If you are fit and good at riding, you will enjoy the trip more and it will be safer. However, a few of our clients have been injured in training and had to cancel their trip, so please take care!
Can I bring my own bike ?
You are welcome to join one of our motorbike tours, riding your own bike. Please ask about the price.
Can I use my own road motorbike helmet ?
A road motorbike helmet should be OK as long as it is full-face. Remember you will look different on your off-road KTM motorbike.
Can I bring my own road motorbike boots ?
No, boots normally worn for road motorbike riding will not be suitable and not allowed.
Can I bring my own handle bar, saddle etc. ?
Yes, you can bring your own parts and accessories. Please let us know well in advance.
If I damage the bike, can I purchase replacement parts and send to you ?
No. We will purchase all replacement parts ourselves from a reliable source. We use genuine new spares only to ensure the reliability of our bikes, and we need them straight away, ready for the next tour. You can request to see the Spare Parts Price List at any time.

FAQ Motorcycle Tours (4)

Do you hire the protective motorcycle gear ?
We have some helmets and boots available to hire in various sizes, but you have to ask at the time of booking.
How many people will be in the group ?
Between 4 and 12 riders, plus our staff.
Do single travelers join your group tours ?
Often single people join our trips. Typically a group would be made up of several single people and some friends who have signed up together.
What weather can we expect ?
Mongolian weather is unpredictable, so you should be prepared for hot sun, rain, wind and hail. It is not uncommon to see all four seasons in a single day. Generally speaking, July and August are the best months. If your tour is in June or September, the weather might be cooler and it is less likely to rain.
Can I extend my trip ?
If you want to arrive to Mongolia early, or stay longer after your tour has finished, we can make the extra hotel reservations for you at the Continental Hotel. If you want to travel in China or Russia, we can also help with arrangements using our experienced agents based in Beijing and Moscow.
We are organising a motorbike trip ourselves. Can we just rent your motorbikes without support ?
No. We do not rent our motorbikes except to people joining one of our fully supported tours with us.


If there's anything else you want to know and you can't find the answer listed here, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will do our best to help.

FAQ Mountain Biking Tours

How difficult is this MTB tour ?
Each cycling tour is graded based upon the daily riding distance, technical difficulty and elevation. All the trails are challenging, but can be achieved by anyone in good physical condition, provided they have trained beforehand. All our groups are accompanied by support vehicles, so you can put your bike on top and sit in the vehicle for a while if you are finding the going too tough.
Can I use my own MTB SPD pedals and seat ?
If you are hiring one of our mountain bikes, but prefer to use your own SPD pedals or seat, you are welcome to do so, but please tell us in advance. We have ordinary pedals and SPD pedals for our rental bikes.
Can I bring my own mountain bike ?
If you prefer to bring your own bike for a mountain bike tour, please do so. If you are a good rider with a good bicycle, you will enjoy the trip more on your own bike.

FAQ Mountain Biking Tours

How much do airlines charge for a bicycle?
International airlines vary on their baggage allowance and excess charges. Often they are lenient when it comes to bicycles, but you should check beforehand with the airline and be prepared to pay the full cost. For domestic flights the baggage allowance is 10kg and excess charges are US$ 3 - 5 per kilogram.
How far are the daily MTB riding distances ?
On mountain bike tours we normally ride between 45 - 100km per day depending on the terrain. This might sound like a great difference, but sometimes the route is tough with long slow uphill sections or some difficult rocky river valleys. At other times the track is quite flat, smooth and easy.
What mountain bikes do you have ?
We have "SPECIALIZED" and "SCHWINN" mountain bikes available to hire. The "Specialized" mountain bike frames are sizes 19" to 21" which suits most tall and bigger riders. The "Schwinn" mountain bikes are 15" to 17" frame size, suitable for women.


If there's anything else you want to know and you can't find the answer listed here, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will do our best to help.

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