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Arrive in Mongolia by train, passing by the Great Wall of China and across the Gobi Desert.

Welcome to Mongolia

We are the original travel company in Mongolia and have taken people across the country on two wheels since 1998.

Centre of Buddhism

Erdene Zuu monastery was founded in the sixteenth centruy, built on the site where Genghis Khan located the centre of the Mongol Empire centuries earlier.

You Will Be Amazed At What You See

The views that you may see whilst travelling through Mongolia are beautiful and memorable. It is a land of contrasts and adventure.

The Great Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan, born in Dadal in eastern Mongolia, created the largest Empire the world has ever known.

If you would like to travel to Mongolia from Moscow or Beijing on the infamous Trans Siberian train, we can arrange it. From Moscow, crossing five time zones and taking five whole days, this amazing journey from west to east is a once in a lifetime experience. The train passes through the great cities of Perm, Ekatarinberg, and Irkutsk, beyond which you travel along the shores of 'Lake Baikal' then cross the border into Mongolia.

After the thrilling 6300 km journey, taking 106 hours, the train arrives in Ulaanbaatar. From Beijing to Ulaanbaatar, East to West, it is equally exciting, but the journey takes only 35 hours, 1356 kilometers. As the train passes through Mongolia it is sometimes called the Trans Mongolian Train.

Moscow to Ulaanbaatar
  • Total Distance 6300 km

  • Total 106 Hours

  • 5 Different Time Zones

  • 3 Different Countries

Trans Siberian Train

The Trans Siberian Train Route from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar and on to Beijing is an economic lifeline for the towns and cities through which it passes on its route to Asia. If you want to start in Ulaanbaatar and get the train to Moscow, we can also arrange it for you. For the last century, intrepid travellers have set out on the journey of a lifetime, travelling 7,656 km (4,785 miles) by train along a track which reaches from the very heart of the Russian capital, past forbidden cities and rural villages scatted through the vast forests of Siberia.

Train Time Table
MOSCOW - ULAANBAATARNo.4 (Russian train)TuesdaySunday
MOSCOW - ULAANBAATARNo.6 (Mongolian train)WednesdayMonday
MOSCOW - ULAANBAATARNo.6 (Russian train)ThursdayTuesday

*NOTE: The above timetable is subject to change at any given time and without notice.

Beijing to Ulaanbaatar takes about 35 hours and includes changing the bogeys. The whole train is lifted into the air, one carriage at a time, and the 'Bogeys' substituted for the different gauge. The timetable for this train is complicated because it changes every year, starting from the end of May. The Railway Authorities of China, Mongolia and Russia have a grand meeting in April and decide the timetable for the coming year.

The amazing Chinese railway system

In China you can get everywhere by train. In Mongolia there is just one line, north to south.


Confusing Mongolian train schedules

Schedules change from one summer to another and services reduce in winter and increase in summer.


Ticket classes and terminology

On Russian trains, 1st class is "Lux" and 2nd class is "coupe". On Chinese trains they are called "Delux", "Soft" and "Hard" seats.


Passing scenery from Asia to Europe

A train journey across two continents is the best way to witness the change in landscape, housing and weather.

Facilities On The Train
Carriages have compartments with 2 or 4 beds, a table, and plenty of storage space. In each carriage (not in each compartment) there is a toilet and sink, and a "Samovar" dispensing hot water for tea and coffee. Attendants are constantly present to keep the train clean and orderly. "Lux" compartments have two beds and are relatively luxurious. 'Coupe' class have 4 bunks per compartment, all with clean sheets and blankets.
Train Time Table
BEIJING - ULAANBAATARNo.K3 (all year around)WednesdayThursday
BEIJING - ULAANBAATARNo.K23 (Chinese train)TuesdayWednesday
BEIJING - ULAANBAATARNo.K23 (Mongolian train)MondayTuesday

*NOTE: The above timetable is subject to change at any given time and without notice.

*NOTE: Train no.23 departing Tuesdays is expected to run again in 2021. There is usually an additional train put on for the summer months, but departure day is not decided until the grand meeting of Railway Authorities in April. It might be Mondays in 2021.

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