Dramatic Landscape in a Remote Corner of The World

Enjoy the vast expanse of Mongolian wilderness from the seat of a KTM 450EXC, supported by a professional team.

Unrivalled Scenery, Outstanding Riding Trails

On a motorbike you can travel to the most amazing places in Mongolia, places that other tourists cannot reach.

Mongolia - Such a Great Destination

The scenery and terrain are inspiring and challenging, ideal for riders with skill and off-road experience.

Discover a Different World

The Master Rally is the biggest challenge and the most remote, following a route not travelled by other tour groups.

The Adventure Begins

The KTM 450 EXC "Six Days" is the best bike for the job. It is powerful, light and looks fantastic.

Size : min 4 people | Location : Northern Mongolia
Type : 9 - Days Riding | Total Duration : 11 - Days |Price : $3795/pp

This "Nomad's Trail" is our newest, most varied and longest motorcycle tour, 2100km over 9-days riding, with maximum off-road. It is our only itinerary that has mixed accommodation along the way: the ger camps we have chosen are in beautiful and dramatic locations, whilst the nights camping in tents are in unique places where tourists never travel. The circular route passes through Kharkhorin, ancient capital of Mongolia, through fertile Arkhangai province where the nomadic people have yaks and horses, past the White Lake then northwards to mountainous Khovsgol region.

  • The Khorgo volcano last errupted 20,000 years ago.
  • Pike, Taimen and Lenok are the main fish found in the White Lake.
  • Sharga Lake is a clear freshwater lake with few nutrients to sustain life.
  • Ugii Lake is a stopover lake for migrating waterbirds.

Mongolia’s wild open spaces completely lend themselves to the challenge of off-road motorcycle riding. The terrain on this Nomad’s Trail routes are 80% off-road includes rough jeep tracks, hard-pack, loose gravel, rock, mud and river crossings. Experience is required because the route is remote and far from good medical facilities. Accommodation is 4-nights at ger camps staying in traditionl Mongolian gers with restaurant and shower facilities on site, and 4-nights wild camping with no such luxurious facilities.



  • DAY 1

    Arrive in   'Ulaanbaatar' and go to hotel. Evening meet the tour leader and rest of group for Technical Briefing. The meeting talks about day by day itinerary and safety issues. Overnight in hotel.

  • DAY 2

    The motorbikes are allocated and we set off. Start riding south-west across the rolling hills of Tuv "Central" province. We pass through only a couple of villages and most families are living the nomadic lifestyle. Overnight wild camping near in   'Buren'  mountain.

  • DAY 3

    A one hour ride on the tarmac brings us to   'Kharkhorin',   once the focal point of the Mongol Empire. Visit Erdene Zuu which at one time was the largest Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. This was the first and most important Buddhist monastery in the country, founded in the 16th century. Afternoon continue westwards and overnight wild camping near  'Tuvshruulekh'. Overnight camping.

  • DAY 4

    Ride through Tsetserleg town, then through remote valleys along the   'Chuluut'  river gorge. Enter the national park and ride past Khorgo volcano to reach the ger camp right beside Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur, the   'White Lake'  lakeside 'Ger' camp.

  • DAY 5

    Ride northwards through lovely and varied scenery, over   'Tarvagtai Pass'  and on to Jargalant village, famous for being the birthplace of Undur Gongor, the tallest man in Mongolia; he lived in the early 20th century and stood at 2.36 meters tall. Overnight camp beside   'Zurkh Lake'.

  • DAY 6

    We are now in the province known as Khovsgol, a beautiful mountainous region with several major rivers. Near the point where   'Five Rivers'  meet is a ger camp and here is where we spend the evening, surrounded by spectacular scenery. Overnight 'Ger' camp.

  • DAY 7

    Continuing clockwise “with the sun”, we travel southwards to the region of   'Bulgan Province'  in Bulgan Province and spend the night at a remote mountains of Arkhangai Province in near Khanui River, far from any of the regular tourist trails. Overnight camping near   'Khanui River'.

  • DAY 8

    Ride southwards and along a very pretty part of a belt of sand dunes which stretches for 80km through the   'Fertile'   grassy hills of Uvurkhangai province. The sandy track is quiet and remote, not much used even by local people. Emerge at the dramatic granite mountain of Khogno Khan. Overnight   'Khogno Khan' ger camp.

  • DAY 9

    Set out from Khogno Khan mountain, riding about 50km on the main highway, then turning off onto   'rough tracks'  in a north easterly direction. Ride through the sparsely populated hills and open steppe to reach Uvurburd Els, another desert area with sand dunes. Overnight   'Uvurburd Els' ger camp.

  • DAY 10

    Returning to Ulaanbaatar the final stretch to the city is on   'surfaced road', stopping for a picnic lunch along the way. Arrive afternoon and transfer back to the city.  Overnight hotel.

  • DAY 11


  • USD   3795/ppTour price is based on a group of 4 people.  We accept other major currencies.


АНХААРУУЛГА: Хэрэв та болон таны компани тухайн аялалын маршрутын чиглэл, текст үг өгүүлбэр, фото, газрын зургыг хуулбарлахаар төлөвлөж байгаа болон хуулбарлан санаа авч өөр арга хэлбэрээр дахин нэр өгч өөрчлөн боловсруулж ашиглахыг хориглоно !

Nomad's Trail Mongolia Motorcycle Trail Map

KTM Master Rally Motorcycle Tour Map Circular route going to the Northern provincial capital of Murun before returning back to Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia is a great place for a motorcycle tour, but it is only suitable for confident riders with off-road experience. The routes are too remote and the terrain too rough for beginners. Accommodation on this tour is at traditional ger camps with restaurant and washroom facilities.

Tour Information:

Nomads Trail motorcycle tour description and details. Read the following information about this trip:

  •   This tour is classed as 80% off-road and is fully supported tour
  •   Accommodation on tour is 'Ger' camps & 'Camping' in tents
  •   This tour will run with a minimum of 4 people
  •   Available to hire: KTM 450 EXC 6-DAYS
  •   Non riders are welcome to join any of our motorbike tours
  •   100% fully guided motorcycle tour
  •   We accept other major currencies
  •   Hotel in UB based on sharing "TWIN" room

Motorbike tour price includes. The following items are included in the price of the tour:

  •   All Meals (except Ulaanbaatar) & Bottled Mineral Water
  •   2 - Nights Hotel "Continental" sharing twin room
  •   4 - Nights Traditional Tourist Ger Camps
  •   4 - Nights Camping in Tents
  •   Motorbike Tour Support Vehicle
  •   All Transportation (except Airport Transfer)
  •   Insurance (3rd Party Motorbike Insurance)
  •   English Speaking Guide

Motorbike tour price does not include. The following items will be in addition to the price of the tour:

  •   International Flight
  •   Visa Cost
  •   Ulaanbaatar Airport Transfers
  •   Protective Motorbike Clothing
  •   Motorbike Hire (motorbike hire USD $130 per day including fuel)
  •   Motorbike Damage Security Deposit (fully refundable)
  •   Alcohol and Soft Drinks
  •   Travel Insurance

Highlights of this motorbike tour. The places you will see along the way:

  •   Khogno Khan Granite Mountain
  •   Erdene Zuu Buddhist Monastery
  •   Khorgo Volcano Crater
  •   Chuluut River Gorge
  •   White Lake
  •   5 - Rivers Ger Camp
  •   Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes
  •   Tarvagtai Pass

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